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  1. Veloce Hats: Presents Epic Twelve

    Born and raised in Hollywood, CA, DJ Epic Twelve has quickly stormed into the music industry, spinning for artists and celebrities like Cody Simpson, Jasmine Villegas, Greyson Chance, Michael Jordan, Tony Hawk and DJ Felli Fel. The sixteen-year-old prodigy is the youngest mixer to ever appear on the West Coast leading radio station, Power 106; as well as the youngest artist to win the Beezo Battle and have a residency at famed Playhouse Night Club in Hollywood. He’s also headlined at SideBar in San Diego, CA and at the current #1 New Nightclub in the United States, Fluxx Nightclub.

    Epic Twelve became interested in the craft after seeing DJs at parties and worked to perfect his skills, striving to be like his heroes DJ AM and A-Trak. After a series of successful performances, management company Sneakers & Bowties (“S&B”) took notice of the young DJs intense work ethic and desire to constantly improve, eventually signing him to S&B. 

    Since joining the S&B team, Epic Twelve has reached incredible new heights in his career and recently finished traveling the country as part of the “#Waiting4U Tour” with Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance. The gig has opened countless new doors for Epic Twelve, who has begun work on original production material and looks forward to appearing at bigger venues in the future, showcasing his music for his fans.

    Epic Twelve Soundcloud

    Epic Twelve Twitter

    Epic Twelve Fan Page

    Epic Twelve Youtube


  2. Veloce Hats Presents: Brendon Hayward


    Brendon Hayward is a name you’re going to want to remember. This up and coming skateboarder is not only talented but driven. Veloce Hats recently discovered Brendon while out and about L.A. After a brief introduction, we knew that Brendon would be THEE perfect addition to the Veloce Hats Crew. Brendon was born in Los Angeles, Ca and currently resides in the Pacific Palisades.  This 18 year old started skateboarding at 11 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Veloce Hats recently interviewed Brendon to discuss skateboarding and his life.


    Veloce Hats: Why did you enjoy skateboarding?

    Brendon: I like skateboarding because its something I can do on my own time. Its like an escape from everything else because when I step on that board its just me and I’m able to get into my own little world where nothing else matters except my skateboard and I. I also like skateboarding because its a world of limitless possibilities. People are always skating new things and pushing tricks to new level and its a really cool way of utilizing the city and what its composed of.


    VH: What does the future hold for Brendon Hayward?

    BH: My future holds an enriched life filled with business opportunities, traveling, women, and of course skateboarding. I don’t know what type of career I will have whether its got to do with skateboarding or not, but regardless skateboarding will always be my passion and I don’t need it to become my career for me to stay loyal to my skateboard.

    As a student at Loyola Marymount University, Brendon will surely be successful in any business endeavor he will take on after he graduates. Veloce Hats is thrilled as well as honored to have this talented young duderino as our first sponsored skateboarder.

    Get to know Brendon Here! 

    Check out his Video Here!


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  3. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

    Pureveyor of the Retro Neon Hat


        Oi Oi Oi! 

    Veloce Hats has just stumbled upon this unique Australian shoe company, Gideon Shoes. What sets these kicks from the rest? The material used-Toad leather, most definitely OZ! 

    Although this philanthropic shoe company may appear as to base it’s business structure on TOMS’, the story behind this Australian based company is truly different. Check it:

    "In 2007 Matt and Naomi Noffs started The Street University – a retreat for marginalised kids in Western Sydney. Two years later Matt and his brother Rupert came up with the idea of a shoe company whose profits would sustain it, and GIDEON SHOES was born.

    Their first step was to head to Asia in early 2010 to find a manufacturer, but this research trip led them down a dark, unwelcoming path.

    After visiting factories filled with both adults and children working in unacceptable conditions it soon became obvious that having GIDEON SHOES manufactured overseas simply wasn’t an option. We’re in an age where supporting sweat-shops and outsourced fashion is unforgiveable.

    Today, production takes place in Australia under ethical, safe and monitored conditons – a feat for any shoe manufacturer. Even better, the shoes are handmade almost entirely from Australian materials, including cane toad hide and kangaroo leather.

    GIDEON SHOES are hand-crafted and anti-sweatshop, meaning you can wear them with pride, and with your beliefs on your feet.”

    Courtesy of Gideon Shoes

    The entire Veloce Hats crew liked these shoes not only because they benefit a good cause, and are FRESH TO DEATH, but also because they definitely pair up nicely with our entire line of hats currently available for sale on the Veloce Hats website.

    Get your hands on these Aussie Kicks at the Gideon Shoes Online Shop


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  4. The Veloce Hats Crew @ EDC LV-2011

    Pureveyor of the Retro Neon Hat


    -Night 1-

      With over 80,000 attendees, 6 stages, evening temperatures in the 80s, and with headliners: Tiesto, David Guetta, & Swedish House Mafia, Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was WYLD! Some of the Veloce Hats crew attended this event and claimed it was, “thee best concert we’ve been to!”

    Cameron, Chris, & Jon spent their 3 night adventure enjoying the best of electronic & house music. Some of their favorite performers were Benny Benassi, Laidback Luke, & Avicii. As Cameron puts it, “From the ambiance, crowd and stage set-ups the experience was MIND blowing, they had enough strobe lights to make a blind person have a seizure, and speakers louder than the screech of any car that may have raced around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.” 


    -Night 2-

    -Night 3-

     Click here to see some Veloce Hats fans rocking their hats at EDC!


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  5. THREAD Show 2011

    Pureveyor of the Retro Neon Hat


    Location: The Cooper Design Space Penthouse downtown L.A.

    Event: THREAD Show 

    This all day tradeshow-esque event displayed some of the coolest apparel companies L.A. has to offer Veloce Hats being one of them. Although the demographic in attendance wouldn’t exactly consider Veloce as their style, they soon discovered that they truly love the versatility of our hats. From sorority girls, to chic hipsters Veloce was thrilled to appeal to all walks of life. The show proved to be an amazing endeavor, broadening Veloce’s demographic.

    The show kept attendees engaged with a fashion show, giveaways, a live DJ, free Vitamin water and Honest Tea, as well as free beauty services. Some of the highlights of the show Veloce partook in were the live fashion show, and the raffle. 

       Check out all the pictures from the show here!

    Our Booth


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  6. Veloce Hats Hits the Moroccan Coast!

    Pureveyor of the Retro Neon Hat                


      Since the start, Veloce’s goal was not only to target the Southern California scene, but had a larger spectrum in mind; international recognition. Keeping this in mind the founder, Cameron Picardi, realized that the best way to market his product overseas would be a grassroots approach. With the goals of the company in mind coupled with his love of travel, Cameron took a trip traveling abroad.

    His trip consisted of hitting up Italy, from the Amalfi Coast to the Baroque adorned streets of Florence; Paris, France; London, England; Newcastle, England; Amsterdam, Netherlands; but most importantly Taghazout, Morocco.

    For those that are unaware, Taghazout is a laid-back surf center that has been frequented by surfing enthusiasts since the 70s. With seven surf breaks there is a variety of places accommodating all levels of surfers. Cameron felt that this was an important area to experience, not for the sole purpose of marketing, but to gain a better understanding of the simplistic lifestyle so he could incorporate it into future designs. His 3-day adventure consisted of surfing from 9-1 then visiting the souks (outdoor bazaars), or the hammams (Turkish style spa), then finally concluding his day at a picturesque riad (Moroccan style bed & breakfast).

    He highly suggests everyone, not just surfers, to experience this amazing place. There is not only an array of inexpensive riads but often times those riads price their per night cost including breakfast/lunch/dinner & surf lessons!!! (Rentals included) You will find people from all over the world staying at these riads, it’s an unconventional way to learn about different cultures and lifestyles. Cameron said, “It was the most relaxing weekend of my life…the riad had a sense of community, the owner emanated a motherly aura, she spoke 5 languages and knew everyone’s name. You would either find her running after her 5 year old daughter all around the riad or surfing with the guests.” With that being said check out the attached pictures from his trip and also check out the riad linked below!


    Moroccan Pirates!

    Cam & Yasmine (Daughter of the riad owner)

    Cam & Yasmine (Daughter of the riad owner)

    Cam & Mounir

    Cam & Mounir


    Veloce Hats on the sick Land Rover

    Land Rover

    Best Car ever! The Land Rover Defender

    Banana Beach

    Banana Beach


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  7. The Editorial // “Our Summer Daze”

    Pureveyor of the Retro Neon Hat

    Photo by: Evan Hall

    On a beautiful day in our native L.A. we headed out to the Sepulvida Dam to create a piece that would get our fans excited about “our summer daze" to come. With some help from our friends at Once Youth, that was accomplished.

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  8. Veloce Hats & Once Youth Presents “Our Summer Daze” Video

    It’s finally here! Along with our friends at Once Youth, we set out to create a piece that got our fans excited about the Summer to come. We’re making it one to remember, and this shoot was no exception. Enjoy!  Music: Dirty Little Girls//Shwayze 


  9. Veloce: The Name


    In Italian

    adj. - quick, rapid, fast, speedy

    In English

    n. - the dopest hats on the market

    Our 90s styled neon hats have been making quite a stir lately. It’s been brought to our attention that the pronunciation of our name has caused some confusion. Hence this post. Now, hopefully, our flip brimmed hat can be addressed properly :)


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